Rabbi Isaac Roussel

Rabbi Isaac Roussel is the Congregational Leader of Congregation Zera Avraham. He was ordained to the rabbinate in 2014 by the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations, after completing his studies at Messianic Jewish Theological Institute and Netzer David. He is also received Smikhah (rabbinical ordination) at the MJRC in 2018.

He began his career as a chemist, but now manages a software development team in the financial industry, in addition to serving at the synagogue.

He regularly speaks at churches and campus groups about Judaism and the Jewish Roots of Christianity with the goal of helping them understand their relationship to the People of Israel and appreciate the beauty of Jewish tradition.

Rabbi Roussel is also a trained spiritual director. In this capacity he helps people be attentive to God's voice in their daily lives.


On the MJRC:

I believe that a Judaism without halacha is not a Judaism. Oral Torah is essential in applying the laws of the Written Torah to the everyday life of each generation. It is similar to constitutional law developed from the US Constitution. The MJRC is attempting to wrestle with the issues facing our unique circumstances as Messianic Jews. It is the only body within our broader movement that is seeking to do this.

I enjoy keeping kashrut. Since I have to eat daily, it is a constant reminder of who I am and of my commitment to Hashem as a Messianic Jew.

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    Isaac S. Roussel

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